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Of the many roles we assume in defending the rights and interests of a wide range of clients throughout the year at the Law Office of Steven Haney, the one that brings us closest to families is the chance to speak for juveniles in legal matters. We represent underage individuals in cases including retail theft and underage drinking.

We strive to ensure that the matter goes no further than juvenile court. Juvenile law, after all, is mainly governed, overseen and enforced by the state and its juvenile code. While the main goal of our Illinois juvenile justice system is rehabilitation, having your case or that of your child heard in juvenile court is vastly preferable to adult court. It is important to understand, however, that some juvenile cases are sent to adult court when the juvenile court relinquishes its jurisdiction.

If the charge in question is serious, such as a drug, sex or weapons-related offense, it’s possible that a juvenile could be tried as an adult. The repercussions for your family could be numerous and negative.

Don’t let this happen to you and your child. Don’t rush to concede that a lesson has to be learned and a “hit” taken by your child on the road to adulthood. It could be too difficult to recover from the consequences. Contact our Joliet juvenile defense law office so we can give you the full benefit of our seasoned, proven counsel.

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When someone under 17 years of age is alleged to have committed a crime, the subject is said to be a “delinquent.” It’s then a juvenile court’s job to intercede and do what it can to correct the delinquency. Your child may be placed in juvenile detention for acts as seemingly spontaneous and insignificant as truancy (one or more absences from school).

Juveniles are tried before a single judge, not a jury. In cases that carry more serious charges, such as theft, violencedrug crimesunderage drinking or weapons-related offense, he or she may be tried as an adult. The decision to do so rests with the prosecutor. This is when our successful defense attorney’s background as a longtime former prosecutor will be most beneficial. There are a number of creative strategies we can employ to anticipate and counter opposing counsel.

We know the special rules that can apply, the circumstances that can surround a juvenile matter, and how to make sense of all of that on your behalf. Our goal is to help you avoid having your child potentially face years in a juvenile detention center, or worse, in jail. Those are most assuredly not the proper settings for a well-adjusted childhood and adolescence.

Reach out to us in Joliet today. We care about your family and your child’s well-being. Let us defend your juvenile matter to the benefit of all concerned, just as we’ve done for Will County and Illinois juveniles and families for 20 years.

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It’s thorough, it’s informative and best of all, it’s free: it’s your free initial consultation with our experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable juvenile defense lawyer. Call, fax or e-mail the Law Office of Steven Haney in Joliet today. He’s been coming to the rescue of people like you for 20 years.

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