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Has your driver’s license and driving privileges been revoked by DUI charges or a DUI conviction? Are you in need of a restricted driving permit or a voice to speak for your interests in a hearing? Do not wait any longer. Our Joliet drivers license reinstatement attorney offers a free consultation and can tell you exactly what needs be done to get you driving again.

You should consider reaching out to a Joliet drivers license reinstatement attorney whose reputation for experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation can convince a skeptical hearing officer of your sincere desire and capability to drive responsibly.

When you enlist the help of the Law Office of Steven Haney, you’ll receive the wise and timely counsel of an accomplished former prosecutor who has helped hundreds of people get their driving privileges returned. Our attorney has practiced before the Secretary of State for two decades. He will properly prepare you for a formal hearing because he knows what the hearing officer needs to hear to approve you for driving privileges. In fact, he has lectured to other attorney’s at seminar’s to teach them how to properly prepare a client for a formal hearing.

If your freedom of movement and ability to get to your job are being impaired by DUI and driver’s license revocation difficulties, please contact our Joliet law offices to arrange a free initial consultation. Our 20 years of successful advocacy for license revocation clients is solid proof that we can help.

Secretary Of State hearings are administrative proceedings that are held to address the status of your driving privileges after an Illinois DUI/DWI conviction. After a conviction, the Secretary of State’s office will suspend or revoke your driver’s license. The administrative hearing gives you the opportunity to have your driving privileges reinstated.

These hearings can be quite complex, and it is critical that you have strong representation from an experienced Joliet drivers license reinstatement attorney who can give you the best chance of getting your driving privileges reinstated. At the Law Office of Steven Haney, we represent clients throughout Will County and the surrounding area in informal and formal Secretary Of State hearings.

How Can You Restore Your Driving Privileges After A DUI Conviction In A Illinois Secretary Of State Hearing? You can learn more HERE!

Committed to Securing the Best Possible Outcome for Every Client

In a Secretary Of State hearing, driving privileges can be reinstated on a restricted or unrestricted basis. Your request for reinstatement could also be denied. Unrestricted reinstatement means that you have all of the privileges of any fully entitled driver in Illinois. Restricted reinstatement gives you permission to drive for specific purposes, including work, medical appointments, attending to children’s needs and others.

Knowledgeable License Reinstatement Preparation

It is a myth that the first hearing is always a denial. In fact, if you are properly prepared, you should absolutely win at your first hearing.

Our criminal defense attorney will first prepare you for a current drug and alcohol evaluation. Then he will teach you about the hearing process and educate you on all the questions you will be asked at the hearing and how to best answer them. If a hardship exists in your family or financial picture, we can make a convincing case for it. We stay alert to your driving history, handle every procedure, attend to every piece of paperwork and are prepared at all times to speak for your best interests.

If your license is revoked due to a DUI conviction, the time is now to get skilled advice on how to get your drivers license back. We’ll help you at all stages of the process when you are in need of a formal hearing before the Illinois Secretary of State’s office. We’ll do our best to convince the Secretary of State of your sincere desire to use your driving privileges in constructive, productive ways. You can trust our experience, aggressive advocacy and knowledge of DUI and Reinstatement law to give you the best possible chance of license recovery.

We’ll devote our signature hard work and client commitment to the goal of achieving license reinstatement for you. Be in touch with us in Joliet if a driver’s license revocation jeopardizes your abilities to continue your family life and livelihood.

If you do not receive a satisfactory result and your privileges are not reinstated, you have the right to appeal the decision. We can represent you in your appeal and present the most compelling possible argument to support your right to regain your driving privileges. We diligently pursue every available option in an effort to protect your rights above all else.

Ready to Fight for Your Rights

Contact our office today for a free initial consultation to discuss your Secretary of State Hearing questions and learn more about what we can do to help you. You can reach us by phone at 815-723-5600 or via e-mail. For your convenience, weekend appointments are available.

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