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How can a conviction for domestic battery be avoided?

Can the victim drop the domestic battery charges? Only the prosecutor has the power and legal authority to start and end a prosecution for domestic violence. In Will County, the State’s Attorney will rarely, if ever, dismiss a domestic battery prosecution on the wishes of the complaining victim. You can learn more about domestic battery here. What are the penalties for domestic battery? Domestic battery is, most typically, charged as a class A misdemeanor, and carries a potential penalty ofContinue reading

Will County Domestic Battery

By Steve Haney posted in Will County Domestic Battery on Wednesday, July 13, 2011 An arrest for a Will County domestic battery always follows an emotionally charged event between loved ones.  Whether it is husband – wife, boyfriend – girlfriend, parent – child, emotions are always at a peak.  It is also an event that has immediate repurcussions.  Appearance before a judge is mandatory, which usually means a night in the Will County jail.  This is followed by a no contact order that prohibitsContinue reading