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How To Restore Driving Privileges After A DUI Conviction

Restore Driving Privileges The revocation of a persons driver’s license in Illinois from a DUI conviction can be devastating. The process to restore driving privileges can be difficult if not done correctly. Knowing the process and the complications within the process is the absolute key to being successful with the Illinois Secretary of State. Attorney Steven Haney has practiced in front of the Illinois Secretary of State for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of people restore driving privileges.  InContinue reading

Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement

By Steve Haney posted in Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement on Thursday, July 14, 2011 The key to obtaining your Illinois drivers license reinstatement is by having an understanding about the actual nature of a formal hearing itself. Typically, a person needing a formal hearing has had, at least, 2 DUI arrests.   Most people wrongly assume the hearing is about drinking and driving.  It is not.  The hearing is all about the individuals “problem” with alcohol. That problem is going to fallContinue reading