Will County Domestic Battery

By Steve Haney posted in Will County Domestic Battery on Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An arrest for a Will County domestic battery always follows an emotionally charged event between loved ones.  Whether it is husband – wife, boyfriend – girlfriend, parent – child, emotions are always at a peak.  It is also an event that has immediate repurcussions.  Appearance before a judge is mandatory, which usually means a night in the Will County jail.  This is followed by a no contact order that prohibits contact with the familty member involved, including your very own home.

It usually does not take long for the emotions to subside, and the person who called the police is now seeking for the charges to be dropped.  They will find quickly, though, that control of the matter is no longer theirs.  The State has control of the case.  The case will not be dropped.

The charge of domestic battery carries a mandatory conviction.  One of the harshest penalties for any Illinois misdemeanor.  There are ways to properly handle the navigation of the case that will allow for removal of the no contact order, as well as position the charge so that no criminal conviction occurs.

Understanding how to navigate the case to achieve these goals requires an attorney who is experienced in the procedures of the Will County Domestic Battery Court.

A former Will County prosecutor and experienced Joliet criminal trial attorney who has practiced in the Joliet, Will County criminal courts for many years is always a good investment if you are the one accussed of the criminal offense of Domestic Battery.