Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement

By Steve Haney posted in Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement on Thursday, July 14, 2011

The key to obtaining your Illinois drivers license reinstatement is by having an understanding about the actual nature of a formal hearing itself.

Typically, a person needing a formal hearing has had, at least, 2 DUI arrests.   Most people wrongly assume the hearing is about drinking and driving.  It is not.  The hearing is all about the individuals “problem” with alcohol.

That problem is going to fall into one of two categories:  abuse or dependency.  There is a significant difference between the two in how to prepare for the hearing.

Proper preparation is fundamental to succeeding at a formal hearing.  This starts with an alcohol evaluation.  The content of the alcohol evaluation will include a complete history of the individuals use of alcohol, including the use of alcohol on the night of each DUI arrest.  This history can either make you or break you at the hearing.

As an experienced Joliet, Illinois drivers license reinstatement attorney, I have found that educating my client about the evaluation before it occurs makes a huge difference in the liklihood of obtaining license reinstatement at the very first hearing.

If properly prepared for the hearing, there is no reason for anyone to get denied.  For more information about being prepared for a formal hearing, please spend a few minutes watching my videos importance of an alcohol evaluation and nature of a formal hearing.

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