Defending a DUI Case

By Steve Haney posted in Defending a DUI case on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I defended a DUI case for a client this morning in a bench trial.  After a rear end car accident, my client was arrested for DUI by the Plainfield Police Department.  The trial lasted for approximately 25 minutes with a finding of not guilty.

The client had the presence of mind to refuse all requests for sobriety testing.  This included declining the request of the police officer to perform field sobriety tests, as well as a breath test.  In essence, he was intelligent enough to not provide the police the evidence they needed to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Once the police make the request for performance of the field sobriety tests, they are basically just gathering evidence.  A decision has already been made to make the arrest.

My client made my job easy.  He said no to the tests and today stands acquitted of the DUI.

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