Illinois Traffic Laws

By Steve Haney posted in Illinois Traffic Laws on Thursday, July 21, 2011

Illinois traffic laws have become much more harsh in the last few years.  From speeding tickets to DUI charges, penalties have increased significantly.  Speeding used to be just that – speeding.  Now, anytime someone exceeds the speed limit by 30 mph or more in Will County, Illinois, the case will be transferred to the same courtroom where DUI’s and Revoked License charges are prosecuted.

Thats because the offense is now considered a criminal offense.  It is punishable by jail and can result in a criminal conviction. If the excess speed ranges between 30-39 mph, the violation is a class B misdemeanor.  A conviction should normally be avoided, and a jail sentence for such a violation is extremely rare.

However, the stakes raise at 40 plus mph over the speed limit.  This offense is a class A misdemeanor and, actually, punished more harshly than a first time DUI offender.  It is difficult to avoid a criminal conviction at this speed.  It is a criminal conviction that is not subject to expungement.  Therefore, anyone convicted of speeding in excess of 40 mph over the limit, will always need to answer “yes” when asked – “have you ever been convicted of a crime”.

Also, depending on certain factors, jail is a real possibility.  Just a few years ago, this offense was no different than any other petty offense traffic ticket.  Times sure have changed.  Especially when it comes to Illinois traffic laws.

Any aggravated traffic violation should be handled by an experienced Joliet, Will County lawyer who knows the local practices, policies and procedures that exist in the jurisdiction where the case is being prosecuted.