Major Drug Seizures in Chicago Raise Increased Trafficking Fears

On behalf of Law Office of Steven Haney posted in Drug Crimes on Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recently, law enforcement authorities in Chicago seized major quantities of crystal methamphetamine – an illegal rock-like drug. According to court records, the first seizure occurred after an informant told the Drug Enforcement Agency and Chicago investigators that he had been approached about accepting delivery of a shipment of crystal meth. Based on this information, the police seized the shipment of 17 pounds of the drug.

Following this bust, two week later the police found 97 pounds of crystal meth in a truck. Based on these two meth busts, the DEA and Chicago police are keeping a close eye on the crystal meth drug trade in Chicago – fearing that drug trafficking may actually be increasing in the area.

It is important to realize that drug trafficking allegations have severe criminal consequences. Moreover, many of those suspected of drug trafficking may not be doing anything other than driving through Chicago with out-of-state license plates or even driving a rental vehicle.

If a person is arrested for drug trafficking, it is still critical to remember that that person is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That person will be protected in the same way as everyone else and has the same rights as everyone else.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Meth busts leave officials fearful of increased trafficking in Chicago area,” Annie Sweeney, Sept. 03, 2012

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