TASC Probation

By Steve Haney posted in TASC Probation on Sunday, July 31, 2011

TASC probation is a sentencing option for eligible defendant’s.  It has several benefits.  Certain criminal offenses, such as residential burglary, are mandatory prison offenses.  However, TASC allows for a unique exception to such a harsh sentence.  It allows for any required prison sentence to be deferred and avoided upon successul completion of the probation.  Additionally, successful completion of the probation will allow for the conviction that was of record during the probation period to be vacated.  The result is no criminal conviction, and the case is then eligible for expungement.

TASC stands for “treatment alternative to street crimes”.  Initially, it must be determined that the person seeking TASC probation has a drug and/or alcohol problem and there is a connection between this problem and the crime committed.  Also, it is only available for certain criminal offenses, mostly property crimes such as theft and burglary.  Crimes of violence, many drug crimes, and dui’s are offenses ineligible for TASC.  A persons criminal history also has a bearing on eligibilty.

If accepted into the TASC program, the defendant will pled guilty and be sentenced to TASC probation.  The probation period typically ranges from 2 – 5 years.   Counseling to address the drug and/or alcohol problem will next take place at no financial cost to the defendant.

Successful completion of all treatment recommendations and complying with the remaining terms of the probation will allow for the criminal conviction that entered at the time of the plea to be vacated.  The case is next dismissed and now eligible for expungement.  A lifetime felony conviction is avoided.